The Big Testosterone Bullshit

The Big Testosterone Bullshit

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As I was listening to the radio the other day, I picked up on a commercial: they wanted to sell some kind of aphrodisiac by stating that it is a “must” over 35.

As I was driving my car, I almost felt embarrassed because, being close to 40, I am not a regular buyer of these wonderful products and I might miss something :))). But, since I don’t need them, I didn’t waste a single moment on frustration. (Of course I have tried this and that in the past like many, but only because of curiosity, not necessity :P). Still this made me think: the general attitude is definitely taking a wrong direction.

Is testosterone supplementation a must over 40?

More and more often I happen to find opinions on the Internet like doctors should prescribe testosterone for patients over 40 without a question, because “they do it in the USA, too”, and anyway, this is a MUST for good health. As if we were all “entitled” to testosterone over 40, and we must panic as we notice our testosterone levels start to decrease with age. If you read a few more articles, you might find that if you are past 40 and you don’t inject, you are just wasting your time in the gym. OK, now I’m slightly overdoing it. Still these people tend to talk about injecting testosterone so naturally as if it was just candy.

Please don’t get me wrong: I am not scared of it. I don’t think testosterone is a lethal poison. Nor do I judge anyone who uses it. Moreover, I am not spotless in this respect either. But stating that it is self-evident, a “must” over 40 is a massive hyperbole.

The most ancient testosterone booster

There is actually a great testosterone- and libido boosting method many tend to forget about in today’s hectic lifestyle. True, it will probably not restore the testosterone production of your teens (even though it might feel like that). However, neglecting this method will slowly but steadily destroy both your self-esteem and your relationship. A great advantage is that you can do it anywhere: at home, outdoors and—if you are tricky enough—maybe even at public places. Plus, it doesn’t really entail any financial expenditure, still it will not only have a positive impact on your testosterone levels, but on your whole life and the people around you as well.

If you are smart enough, you might have already guessed what I was talking about: yes, it is regular sex!

The awful truth is that as you are approaching 40, regular sex gradually “goes out of fashion”. And by regular I don’t mean once a month, but once a day or at least three times a week. And I have bad news: the cause of this phenomenon is NOT declining testosterone levels. The reason is that by the time you get 40, you do not devote enough attention to your (hopefully) long-term partner. The killer monotony of daily routine, stress and work grinds you up, and it doesn’t even come to your mind that it doesn’t have to be like that.

Although I have never measured my testosterone levels before and after, I know what it’s like. I know both extremes. And I can tell you: you can exceed your teenage years in your forties both in terms of quality and quantity. Moreover, this is a self-propelling process. The more you do it, the better you will get and the more positive impacts you will experience both in sports and your private life. Win-win situation. And you don’t need an injection or anything else. Not even aphrodisiacs, if you are lucky.

And don’t tell that you don’t have time, you are tired etc. This is bullshit. If you say things like that, you just have no motivation for it. Not because of your hormones, but most likely, because there are problems at home, which you should discuss with your partner IN DETAIL. However, this is not the scope of this article or Builder in general.

You may inject yourself, if it makes you feel like a man (and now I mean those who think “roids are a must after a certain age”, not professional athletes). But instead, you’d better sort things out in your mind (and in your bedroom). Because, if that is what you need to feel like a man in your forties, not even testosterone can help you... at best it can cure the symptoms.

But what if I have proof that my testosterone level is actually low?

Sure, that can be. Many of us are stressful, which can kill off hormone levels, not mentioning the harmful environmental impacts. Still you don’t necessarily need to reach out for testosterone right away. First you may try natural testosterone boosters which are supposed to increase the natural hormone secretion of your system. These can work pretty good in such cases. And if you don’t feel they are effective, it is most likely because your hormone levels are alright. That’s because these supps can though optimize low hormone levels, they cannot do more: they won’t make you exceed your own natural limits, and they aren’t meant to.

Another important hint: do not expect muscle growth from these supplements. Increased libido, better mood, extra vitality and maybe a little bit of extra aggression during workout—THESE are the sensible effects. However, they will not cause such a great shift in your hormone levels that could have a significant impact on your muscle mass. But don’t worry: workout and food will do that :) Think it through: if you are more energetic and aggressive during workout, will it result in extra development (paired with a good diet, of course)? See?

And what if I have medical proof that my testosterone level is so low that I need extra supplementation?

In this case your doctor will tell you that and prescribe appropriate medication. But this is not necessary in most cases. One thing is for sure: you are not the competent person to decide this. You shouldn’t believe that you need testosterone just because of your age. Have your hormone levels examined first. And if you just want to use roids, you don’t need to justify it with such a silly reason. Just admit that this is what you want. That’s it. But don’t fool others with bullshit like you “need it”.

Testosterone is undoubtedly one of the most important anabolic hormones. However, you should not resort to your intuition when it comes to supplementation. And, what is more, don’t use your age as an excuse for using roids “unpunished”.

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