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Thera-Band® Brand and Company Overview

The Thera-Band® Brand

Thera-Band® brand products comprise the world's leading line of progressive elastic resistance exercise products for professional rehabilitation, athletic training and home fitness. They are developed and manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation.

Thera-Band resistance exercise systems are used as tools for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength. Thera-Band product lines include latex and latex-free bands, natural rubber tubing, exercise balls, hand exercisers, flexible bars, exercise mats, stability trainers, aquatic exercise products, specialized exercise kits, and paraffin heat therapy.

The Thera-Band brand name was first introduced by The Hygenic Corporation in 1978 and has since gained an international reputation with therapists, chiropractors, and sports trainers for quality and effectiveness. The line of elastic resistance exercise products are endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Thera-Band products are available through an international network of rehabilitation, exercise and sports product distributors, clinicians, and through many online and retail outlets.

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