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Dairy products - mainly the lean ones - mean good sources of protein but in a fat loss diet, their lactose content need to be taken into account. Besides they can contain huge amount of fat. For the record: despite the common belief, milk is NOT a good source of protein, because too much is needed for a sufficient dose of protein, while we consume a huge amount of lactose. In the case of unskimmed milk, that would also mean a significant amount of fat!

Protein, carbs and fat content of 100g:
Sour Cream (12%)P:3,4gC:4,0gF:12,0gC:142kcal
Light cheeseP:29,6gC:1,7gF:18,5gC:300kcal
Light cottage cheeseP:14,1gC:3,8gF:0,5gC:78kcal
Buffalo milkP:5,8gC:4,5gF:7,9gC:116kcal
Sheep milkP:6,1gC:5,0gF:7,2gC:112kcal
Mare milkP:2,1gC:6,7gF:0,6gC:42kcal
Goat milkP:3,6gC:4,7gF:3,9gC:70kcal
Pasteurized, homogenized milkP:3,4gC:5,3gF:3,6gC:69kcal
Cow milk (2,8%)P:3,4gC:5,3gF:2,8gC:62kcal
Cow milk (1,5%)P:3,4gC:5,3gF:1,5gC:50kcal
Milk with cocoa (light)P:3,5gC:11,4gF:0,5gC:66kcal
Milk with coffee (Ice coffee)P:3,5gC:13,0gF:1,5gC:82kcal
Milk with chocolateP:3,2gC:11,0gF:1,5gC:72kcal
Condensed milkP:8,5gC:55,5gF:7,0gC:328kcal
Fruit yogurtP:3,5gC:10,3gF:2,0gC:75kcal
Cream yogurtP:3,4gC:4,6gF:5,0gC:79kcal
Sour cream (20%)P:3,3gC:3,9gF:20,0gC:216kcal
Whipped creamP:2,6gC:3,0gF:30,0gC:302kcal
Whipped cream, flavoredP:2,3gC:11,0gF:26,0gC:296kcal
Cottage cheese, fattyP:17,9gC:3,5gF:12,2gC:201kcal
Cottage cheese, semi-skimmedP:16,2gC:3,7gF:7,0gC:147kcal
Cottage cheese, skimmedP:14,1gC:3,8gF:0,5gC:78kcal
Edami cheeeseP:26,2gC:1,7gF:26,6gC:362kcal
Parenica cheeseP:26,0gC:1,5gF:30,4gC:395kcal
Trappist cheeseP:27,7gC:1,6gF:28,1gC:381kcal
Blue cheeseP:20,0gC:2,0gF:29,7gC:366kcal
White cheese creamP:13,4gC:1,4gF:20,6gC:252kcal
Caravan smoked cheeseP:22,3gC:1,9gF:27,3gC:353kcal
Condensed milk, sugar-freeP:7,0gC:9,8gF:7,5gC:139kcal
Condensed milk with sugarP:8,5gC:54,9gF:7,0gC:325kcal
Milk powder, skimmedP:36,0gC:50,3gF:2,0gC:372kcal
Milk powder, fattyP:25,5gC:37,0gF:27,0gC:507kcal
Gouda cheeseP:19,4gC:0,0gF:31,2gC:370kcal
Cottage CheeseP:14,5gC:3,2gF:3,0gC:100kcal
Light cheeseP:29,1gC:2,0gF:10,0gC:221kcal

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